Canadian Parks receives electric vehicle chargers from Tesla 

In an annunciation made by the Federal authority, 28 of the most renowned Parks Canada stations currently have Tesla-donated electric cars charging points. Jonathan Wilkinson, who is the Minister of Environmental and Climate Change, and the Minister of Parks Canada, released the announcement the previous week stating that electric vehicle users can now use some of the charging points. 

Having installed electric vehicle charging stations in additional Parks Canada points, Canadian authority has eased charging electric cars in their beautiful parks, national marine conservation sections, and national historical sites among many areas. 

In May of last year, Canadian authorities submitted to having charging points structures to about 25% of renowned Parks Canada regions across the nation. Also, the Government stated that the submission would come right net year; however, Parks Canada has met the primary anticipation. 

The subsequent aim is to double the number of charging points to about 50 percent of public charging places in the next five years. The award received from Tesla will enable Parks Canada to enhance its services to its clients who drive electric vehicles. The gift is part of the green mission and mitigating climate change by Parks Canada. 

There are 172 charging points set up in 14 national parks, 12 historic national regions, one on national marine conservation regions, and the other in Rouge National Urban Park. More Parks Canada areas will be fitted with enough charging stations for electric vehicles. 

Fifty percent of the recently installed charging points belong to Tesla, and the other fifty percent are J-1772 that include a free charge with entry charges where valid. 

Canadian Government is ready to offer competitive solutions that will reduce carbon emissions when electric vehicle users pay visits to the national parks, marine conservation sites, and national historic sites. 

By the end of this year, Parks Canada anticipated the donated charging points by Tesla will be available to electric car users to thirty-eight regions. Last year, Parks Canada received 350 charging points from Tesla. 

Tesla will contribute over 50 electric chargers since there will be more than one charger in each charging point. MobileSyrup has managed to conduct Parks Canada to get additional information. 

Those chargers are not Superchargers made by Tesla, and they will charge both Tesla cars and electric motors since those chargers support the J1772 charging standard. The charging stations will be of AC Level 2 with Tesla SAE J1772 connectors, and they will be distributed in the market. 


By Bob Luthar

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