The NAPA report pioneers the assignment of Space Traffic Management responsibility to the Department of Commerce 

Congress is championing a report that gives the Commerce Department the authority to solve the growing traffic challenge in space, also known as STM. The formulation of this research report by NAPA (the National Academy of Public Administration) by August this year is per the Congress’s demands before the allocation of funds to various units. Some leaders expressed their concern over the space traffic management, outlining that the suitable agency to handle this task is the OSC (the Office of Space Commerce) following the SPD 3 regulations stipulated by the legislature.

The NAPA committee evaluated both OSC and the Defense Department to determine their capability to handle space crises and outline a mechanism that cancels the collision problem among the space utilities. To mention but a few, the committee members included Michael Dominguez – the retired Space Force associate secretary, NASA’s director Sean O’Keefe and NRO’s retired executive – Marty Faga.

This study comes amid speculations that the Defense Department, which is currently managing this crucial task, will be delegating this task to four agencies: NASA, OCST, and AST. The research report evaluated the four agencies in terms of technological prowess, leadership skills, and their capability to connect with space stakeholders. OSC outshined the other three because of its admirable leadership and collaboration with various space stakeholders. The NAPA committee members settled on OSC since it can handle this mega responsibility with the government’s explicit support.

Additionally, the report recommended OSC for agreeing to integrate the STM responsibility into its system through its collaboration with other firms. The report outlines OSC’s strategy of taking STM duties as the facilitators of data unification systems. This concept is different from the expected direct control by the agency of space traffic to maintain sanity and prevent collisions. OSC views STM responsibilities as a method of appreciating technological advancements by various space companies and fostering innovative commercial space firms’ survival. This move will enhance the country’s success in becoming a space leader and create unity in the global space industry.

Commerce Department’s secretary Wilbur Ross expressed his happiness after the government and the space industry movers considering the Commerce Department’s suitability in handling the STM responsibilities. He added that the agency is expectant to collaborate with Congress to fulfill the objectives of the tasks assigned to it. One of the Commerce Department’s leaders stated that they anticipate the report to clear doubts about the agency’s capacity to deliver space traffic control duties.

In conclusion, the leader assured Congress that its trust in the Commerce Department to perform the STM duties is all under control and appreciated. The Commerce Department hopes that it can procure more funds from Congress’s finance bill to initiate more operations to support the realization of the STM duties as per the law.


By Bob Luthar

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