Addition of satellite internet to offer services by Wisper ISP

Wisper ISP Inc., which is a Wireless Internet Service Provider (WISP), has provided satellite as a substitute to their rooted wireless technology for Illinois residents since 2015. Wisper wants to expand its satellite services to its network in Indiana, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Missouri, and Kansas.

One of the major Wisper’s Satellite Internet customers is Theresa Pointon of St. Libory since the company shifted to that area in January 2020. Theresa said that she is so happy with the Satellite service, adding that it has enabled her children to learn online during the Coronavirus pandemic.

Nathan Stooke, Wisper’s CEO and Founder, said that the company is excited satellite to offer services throughout the entire network. He added that this means that more Americans in the rural areas will now access the internet, which will aid in closing the Digital Divide gap. Nathan also noted that Wisper would continue growing, and its growth will be felt in different regions.

Fixed Wireless Technology utilizes uplifted structures to reach customers’ homes. These raised structures include cell towers, water towers, and grain elevators. The current potential needs the tools on the consumer’s roof to have a sightline to the uplifted structure. This means that the optical path cannot be blocked by any terrain or trees. The consumer must be not over 3-5 miles from the consumer’s uplifted structure to get superior signals. Satellites have a significant difference with fixed wireless since their equipment hangs in orbit, which is over 100 miles above the Earth’s surface, rather than an uplifted structure.

The following are Wisper’s satellite plans:

Liberty Plans

  • Liberty 12 comes with 12GB at the cost of $60 per month for 12/3
  • Liberty 12 with 25GB at the expense of $80 per month for 12/3
  • Liberty 12 comes with 50GB costing $90 per month for 12/3

All these liberty plans offer a free zone from 3 a.m. to 6 a.m.

Standard Beams

  • Bonze 12 offering 35GB at the cost of $70 per month for 12/3
  • Silver 12 with 45GB costing $100 per month for 12/3
  • Gold 12 comes with 65GB at $150 per month for 12/3

High-Capacity Beams

  • Bronze 12 comes with 40GB at the cost of $70 per month for 12/3
  • Silver 25 with 60GB costing $100 per month for 25/3
  • Gold 30 comes with 100GB for $130 per month for 30/3
  • Gold 50 with 100GB at the cost of $150 per month for 50/3
  • Plat 100 comes with 150GB at $200 per month for 100/3

Currently, Wisper is working with the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to facilitate the Lifeline Program that is providing a discount to low-income earners. Those who want to enroll in the Lifeline program can visit