Edmunds have reasons to believe that Electric Vehicles Sales in the U.S. will skyrocket in 2021

In the past, electric vehicle sales have been setting new records, and it is likely to be the same case in 2021. It is worth one’s attention, given that it is coming from Edmunds’ car-shopping experts. Last year, electric cars contributed to 1.9% of all vehicle sales in the United States. According to Edmunds, the percentage is likely to increase to 2.5% by the end of 2021.

According to Jessica Caldwell, the executive director in charge of Edmunds insights, the change has several drivers. One of them is the number of electric vehicles that will be in the market, which is going to increase. The upcoming models will also be impressive since most of them will fill the gap between electric vehicles and the traditional ones. There are a lot of classy models out there are far as conventional cars are concerned. That’s not something you can say about their electric counterparts, but there are high chances it is about to change in 2021. The proposal by President Joe Biden’s administration in support of electric vehicles might also be a game-changer.

Brands and models entering the market this year might also increase. Last year, there were 12 brands and 17 models. However, in 2021, manufacturers could increase by 21, whereas the vehicles may go up to 30. Out of the 30 models, all sectors seem covered with six trucks, 13 SUVs, and 11 cars. Therefore, it will be a first for trucks because in 2020, out of the 17, 7 were SUVs, and 10 were cars.

The demand for large cars keeps increasing each day. If 2021 fills the gap that electric vehicles have had due to the lack of such alternatives, the market will change beyond reasonable doubt. After all, the rate at which EV owners exchange their cars with trucks or SUVs keeps rising. It was 34% in 2015 but had increased to 60% by 2019. As for 2020, the rate went up to 71%. It might reduce in 2021 with the possibility of trading an EV car with an EV SUV or truck.

The trend at which people are searching for electric trucks and SUV have been rising. Consequently, an introduction of the former into the market might change it to some extent. As people search for electric vehicles to buy, they stumble upon new models that they never thought existed. With such information, Tesla will have to share its vast market or potential buyers with other manufacturers.