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Sony sold more than 100 million PlayStation 4 consoles throughout the world

Speaking about gaming consoles, there are a few key players in the market such as Sony’s PlayStation series, Microsoft’s Xbox series, Nintendo’s Wii and Switch series and so on. However, despite tremendous competition from other gaming console makers, Sony’s PlayStation 4 consoles have successfully hit the figure of more than 100 million at the moment.

PlayStation 4 or PS4 was released back in 2013 which means it was launched six years ago but managed to keep the sales high unlike Nintendo Wii which saw tremendous sales during its release although it did manage a highly competitive sales figure from its launch in 2006 till date, the sales started to decline but that’s not the case for PlayStation 4 as it has managed to keep up with the sales figure until the next-gen PlayStation 5 is released sometime next year. 

At the moment, PlayStation 2 is the world leader when it comes to the total units sold at 155 million, however, PlayStation is still abuzz and recently sold more than three million units last quarter and the trend it constantly escalating. According to Fortune, it was reported that the PlayStation 4 will see a dip in the sales last year, however, with a precise and strong first-party release date in the tab, PS4 has seen an upward-moving trajectory.

For those who are rooting for Microsoft’s Xbox One, which is the highest selling gaming console from Bill Gates’ Microsoft, it is trailing behind. Although Microsoft stopped showcasing the sales figures three years ago, analysts suggest the total units sold could be around 80 million at the maximum which is still 20 million units less than what the PS4 has managed to pull off. 

With gaming services constantly rooting to go cloud-based such as Google Stadia, many would believe that cloud-based gaming will take a flight, however, with these tremendous sales figures on board, one could expect that gaming consoles are still popular among gamers. Also, Sony is expected to bring its most powerful gaming console i.e. PlayStation 5 next year to compete for head-on with Microsoft Project Scarlett expected to be launched during the same time so we are still in the gaming console era until the cloud-based gaming technology becomes a conventionally used gaming platform. 

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