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PUBG season 4 will see many changes with the new patch

The PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) is here with its Season 4th first massive v4.1 update with a plethora of updates, content changes, gameplay enhancements and more. PUBG has managed to give a first-ever, the most-popular map Erangel its momentum to attract millions of new players with the recently rolled out Season 4 initial patch update. 

According to user’s feedback, PUBG Corp has reduced grass density along with color saturation and added a tonne of new buildings and artillery in the Erangel map. Now the players can listen to car ratio with playable controls to the driver PUBG Corp has improved a locking mechanism on BRDM-2 that will lock opponents outside the vehicle while allowing teammates to join.

The initial patch has received its first-ever vehicle balance changes where PUBG Corp has added auto-acceleration feature along with the tweaked balance of Rony, snowmobile, motorbike, and all other RWD vehicle across all maps.

The patch brings base damage of Kar98K from 75 to 79 while enhancing per pellet base damage of S12K from 22 to 24 and 20 to 22 for Sawed-Off. The Crossbow will get enhanced trajectory tracker similar to grenades allowing players to predict its trajectory before firing it. UZI will get a top rail to attach holographic sights and red dots fro better aiming as well. 

Players who get their latest survivor pass will get PUBG’s first vehicle skin for UAZ. Other changes include a stabilized, regular and 3-wheeled motorbikes and scooters with increased speed from 90 to 150kph, better handling of Buggy with increased durability of its wheels by 50% and increased speed from 90/1150 to 100/125 without and with boost respectively.

PUBG Corp has introduced new Mirado and Buggy sound along with the visual effect on using a boost. The developers have added a tonne of new buildings as said all around the island while hills in many places have been leveled to give a plain field. Location likes Mansion, Mylta Power, Military Base, and Prison have received updated terrain as well. The patch has slightly trimmed the damaged made by M4 and M16 and some shotguns while elevating the base damage of a few as you already have read about it.

The new Season 4 Patch v4.1 goes live on July 24 for PCs while console users will have to wait till summer to get the update. 

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