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Google AdSense to Kill iOS & Android Apps: Reports

Google Adsense, the all-powerful advertising entity of Google’s parent company Alphabet is a publisher’s hub as it lets them get advertisers while they earn based on several metrics, checking out the performance of the various ad units and earning is never too complicated as Google has a dedicated web portal while a more native Android & iOS app allows publishers to check the stats on the go, but no more.

Google confirmed recently that it is removing both iOS and Android clients from their respective app stores and will allow publishers to access its web portal as the sole way to grab those stats. This change was rolled at even though 1/3rd of the publishers use their mobile phones to check performance and earning among other metrics which is portable, handy unlike accessing Adsense’s website on PCs or computers or even accessing it on mobile which isn’t designed to be responsive to various mobile screen sizes which are a concern.

Google is looking forward to allowing publishers access its website that it seems to be converting into a standalone web application so that users using any platform may it be Android or iOS or macOS or Windows can access it right away. The web app will have its own home-screen icon and could be included as bundled with Google launcher that comes with Android smartphones.

The Adsense blog said “Our vision is an Adsense that does more to keep your account healthy, letting you focus on creating great content and comes to you when issues or opportunities near your attention.

Although Google hasn’t clearly specified any timeline, Adsense will start vanishing from both App Store and Google Play Store by the end of this year. The apps will be available for downloads for now until Google pulls the plug as the changes would take a few coming months to concretize. Google will make further announcements shortly. 

At the moment, Google did make a number of changes for publishers such as the inclusion of ads.txt file become compulsory while Google is also phasing out the iconic text-only ads from the platform. There were a lot of changes related to the design discussed in this year’s Material Theme. However, neither Android nor iOS client received any design revamp.

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