China is speeding up the work on the massive projects for Hydropower in Pakistan

A handful of global projects earn the same amount of criticism and praise as Road Initiative (BRI), and China’s Belt does. Regardless of one’s opinion, the BRI is President Xi’s signature international policy initiative of magnificent allure. Total expenditures could hit $1.2-1.3 trillion by 2027, according to Morgan Stanley. Beijing also made huge investments not only in monetary terms, as well as in politics.

The performance of the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) in this context is vital to highlight Beijing’s model of development. In 2013 the CPEC was revealed as a cause by the administrative requirements and economic needs of the countries. Chinese-Pakistani ties faced a difficult period after the election that put Imran Khan to power because of the new government’s criticism of the loans’ terms. More recently, the CPEC saw rebirth as the nations resolved some disagreements and signed new multi-billion deals in the energy domain, among many others.

Pakistan is, in several respects, the only real ally for China. Beijing’s dislike for formal alliances derives from its confidence in holding the country back from following its interests. Pakistan is an exception that China is willing to tolerate due to the vulnerabilities and reliance of the South Asian nation on its giant neighbour.

CPEC intended to become the poster child project. Nevertheless, Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran Khan has quickly tried to renegotiate the terms of his loans because of the connection with the previous regime. Debt insolvency was also becoming a serious issue. Islamabad has won numerous concessions and an IMF bail-out after a challenging round of talks.

Many major projects have already been established, including nine companies that generate 5,320 Megawatts worth $7.9 billion, whereas another 4,470 MW installed. The constructed facilities are low hanging fruits, including coal and LNG power plants, according to Samiullah Tariq, head of research at Pakistan Kuwait Investment Company. China provides a crucial friend to Pakistan.

There is no question that Chinese investments are essential to Pakistan. Few multinational banks and companies prepared to take such risks as the Chinese. The CPEC could potentially change Pakistan’s backward economy, although the reasons are partly political. In both nations, the stakes raised, but so are rewards.

In conclusion, the improvement of relations with Pakistan does not only serve strategic purposes for Beijing but also guarantees a steady production for Chinese manufactured goods. In an increasingly populated world, considerable industry and manufacturing capability built over the decades as regards development projects. Investing in Pakistan provides an export market for Chinese surplus goods thanks to industrial activities.


By Bob Luthar

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