Russia deploys robotic payload vessel on zippy space center delivery operation

Five spacemen staying in space are readying to receive a fresh batch of supplies after a fruitful evening dispatch from Kazakhstan of an unpiloted Russian progress payload automobile.

The operation, termed as progress seventy-six, went off on a Russian Soyuz spacecraft today on the 23rd of July from Russia’s mainstay dispatch area, Baikonur Cosmodrome, located in Kazakhstan. The vessel conveyed twenty-five hundred kilograms of goods for the two Russian spacemen as well as three NASA spacemen presently tasking on the ISS.

NASA representative Rob Navias revealed that the progress was currently in its initial orbit, having accomplished a perfect ascend to space following an on-time dispatch. He further added that everything went according to plan in that morning’s dispatch of the progress to the ISS.

After the flawless dispatch, the progress vessel went on a quick, two-orbit journey to the space center. The payload vessel is programmed to alight today at 1.47 pm 

The batch comprises of five hundred kilograms of fuel, one hundred kilograms of air, four hundred and twenty kilogram of water as well as one thousand and seventy kilograms of auxiliary parts and other dry staff, NASA representative revealed to

Progress seventy-six is programmed to stay docked to the space center for over four months, until the commencement of the festive season, when it shall come out of the orbit and securely burn up in the atmosphere of the Earth.

Throughout its residing at the orbiting lab, it shall see the finale of a breakthrough operation dubbed as Demo-2, which deployed two NASA spacemen to the orbit for two months aboard a business spacecraft, SpaceX’s Crew Dragon, for the foremost time in history. Progress seventy-six should monitor the arrival of the upcoming Crew Dragon airlift, conveying three NASA spacemen and one Japanese spaceman, presently itinerated for September.



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