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Fortnite World Cup event can be viewed while playing the game

Epic, one of the biggest game publishers well-known for Fortnite is holding one of the biggest events with a prize pool of $30 million on the line waiting to be grabbed in this three days event aka ‘Fortnite World Cup’ at the Arthur Ashe Stadium in New York City which can house around 23,000 spectators and with the unparalleled popularity mushroomed around the game, the 23K seats won’t be enough for everyone to watch but luckily, Epic will stream the live Fortnite World Cup almost everywhere you can think of and even within the game itself.

Yes, Epic has rolled out a build that will allow users to utilize Picture-in-Picture (PiP) capability that will stream the three days tournament in its PiP mode when you are playing the game at real-time. The event will have a number of bona fide global starts such as Turner Tfue Tenny and Tyle Ninja Blevins while there are celebrities such as Marshmallow, Alison Wonderland, and others that will be present during one of the events dedicated to pairing up Fortnite bigwigs with celebrities in this three-days event that commences tomorrow.

Epic will stream the event live on its website while it also simulcast it across its official Mixer, Caffeine, YouTube, Facebook, and Twitch handles and don’t forget, it will be available whilst you are playing the game as well in its PiP mode.

The event will commence at 12:30 PM ET on Friday with a pre-show while the Creative Finals will start at 1 PM ET on Day 1. Users relaxing and playing the much-hyped Fortnite will get a prompt to enable PiP mode to watch the event while playing and building big. Fortnite will remember the choice made and will automatically grant PiP mode for any further events.

The 3-days event will be populated with pre-show stuff, Creative Finals where the best Fortnite players will showcase their creative building skills. Furthermore, the Celebrity event will invite some of the best celebs as said. The biggest attraction at the event will be Duo and Solo tournament to will the prize with a pool of $30 million.

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